Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fitness Must Have - FlipBelt

I've recently gotten into hiking and walking a lot outside whenever the weather here in Georgia cooperates with my plans. My only issue when I'm walking usually is with the fact that 99% of my workout capris, pants, and shorts do not have pockets. Hello, where am I supposed to put my keys, phone, ID, snacks, etc.? For awhile I would try to slip my iPhone into my pants right at my hip at the top of the band on my workout pants. However doing that usually ended in disaster with my phone crashing to the concrete ground. Thankfully I'm lucky enough to not have broken a phone yet doing that because of my phone case {knock on wood}. Then I randomly saw an add for a FlipBelt and knew I had to have it. I automatically fell in love as soon as I received my FlipBelt

Here are the benefits to using a FlipBelt
  1. Machine Washable {and dryable in the dryer} - This is amazing because as you all probably know your workout clothes and accessories tend to get sticky when you're working out when they get coated in sweat. The same thing will happen with your FlipBelt so just throw it in the washer after use and presto it's like new.
  2. The FlipBelt fits your iPhone 6+, credit card, chapstick, license, cash, keys, protein bars, epipens, etc.. There's even a key fob on it to hook your keys too then slip inside one of the multiple pockets {4 pockets total - 2 in front and 2 in back} on the belt.
  3. No chafing - I have worn mine multiple times and have yet to ever have an issue of it riding up and rubbing against my skin and chafing my skin.
  4. As soon as you stash all your fitness goodies and necessary essentials in the pockets, flip it inwards to securely lock in your items for some extra security while you train.
  5. Available in 10 different colors to match your wardrobe!

This thing will come in handy hiking, biking, walking, running, park time with your kids, dog parks, running errands, heading to the gym, at the airport, rock climbing, etc. Seriously, check out for this awesome fitness accessory if you don't already have one. You can also find it on Amazon and REI

Body Beast Build Phase Workout Samples

These workouts are from Body Beast Build: Back and Biceps. In the top left I am doing a dumb-bell pullover. This one works your lats and you can definitely feel it. In the left middle I am doing a Reverse Fly. I have a love hate relationship with these. My muscles love them because it helps them build, but I hate them. On the bottom left I am doing a close grip pull-up. We have one pull-up bar in our workout room so I modify and use resistance bands. I am increasing the weights on my bands as I get stronger. I'm now using Red + Black which is 40-50 lbs. On the right top I am doing a Bicep Curl. These and Rows are a weight workout that comes easier for me. On the bottom right I am doing a one arm row. This is probably my favorite strength move because I can usually go pretty high compared to the rest of the moves. 

These workout moves are from Body Beast Build: Legs. On the top left I am doing a Regular Weighted Squat. This I tend to go pretty heavy with my weights because my legs are one of my stronger parts. On the left middle I am completing an Alternating Lunge. You switch with stepping forward into a lunge with either your right or left leg while holding two weights in your hands. On the bottom left I am doing a deadlift with dumbbells. If you have limited equipment and don't have a bar you can use dumbbells and get the same results. On the right top you can see me flexing. I wanted to show what my calves flexed looked like during the beginning in Build Phase so we have something to compare to later. On the bottom right I am showing calorie burn between my husband and I. During strength training he seems to burn at least double what I do.