Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sweet and Sour Tofu Stir Fry - Vegetarian

I am here to announce that I am a vegetarian that HATES mushrooms. I absolutely 100% hate them. The smell of mushrooms mixed with the taste of them just grosses me out. Sadly, I've noticed that many vegetarian recipes typically contain mushrooms. With that said it takes a lot of investigative work on my part as well as a little creativity for me to make/find recipes that I love. One thing as a vegetarian that I absolutely adore is any stir fry with tofu. I feel like it's my favorite way to add some extra flavor to my tofu so that my meat loving fiance will also enjoy it. I hear it all the time from friends and family that tofu is just not for them or that it just plain has no flavor. I like to prove people wrong and show them how amazing it can taste.

Recently I found a recipe from Big Girl Small Kitchen for Sweet and Sour Tofu with Bok Choy. It's delicious! I loved it so much, but at the same time I wanted to add some more color which means more vegetables. I love to throw as many vegetables as I can into any recipe that I make. Therefore I decided to take her recipe and switch it up a little.

I started out by grabbing all of my ingredients and measuring out the right amounts. Once I had that down I opened up my tofu and pressed the water out of it. I have another blog post describing exactly how to do that located here. Once the tofu wasn't soaked anymore I coated it in whole wheat flour and threw it in a pan with sunflower oil heating over medium heat.

I flipped the tofu every 3-4 minutes until it was a nice golden brown. Once the tofu was all finished I added in all my veggies. While it was cooking I mixed the lemon juice, honey, soy sauce, grated ginger, crushed garlic, and Siracha to create the super yummy sweet and sour sauce. After 3-4 minutes of the veggies and tofu cooking together I dumped in the sauce. It has to simmer for around 10 minutes till it thickens up so while that was cooking I made my brown rice. 

It smelled so good while cooking. My mouth was literally watering. I couldn't wait to put it together and enjoy my dinner. I hope you like it too!!

Do you have any stir fry recipes that are your go to dinner recipe? This one is definitely my favorite that I've had so far!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Best Breakfast in East Cobb

I've been looking for local breakfast places for my fiancé and I to try out on weekends. We finally got the chance this weekend to try out a place we pass everyday on our way to and from work. I kept seeing the sign for Cafe 33 and after reading reviews on it my interest was piqued. In Cobb Life Magazine they are voted as "One of the Best in East Cobb". I am so glad that we decided to give them a try. We stopped by for breakfast this morning and it was packed. We were a little hesitant once we found out that there was a 30 minute wait for food, but we decided to stick it out anyways. I am so glad we did! 

I got the belgian waffle with strawberries and powdered sugar.

My fiancé got a waffle sandwich. The waffle sandwich contains Two Fried Eggs, bacon or sausage, choice of cheese and pepper jelly surrounded by a Hot, Fresh Belgian Waffle and maple syrup on the side.

The food not only looked amazing, but it also tasted wonderful. It was definitely worth the wait. I would for sure recommend Cafe 33 to anyone in the area or that's traveling through.

<3 Kelly Jean

Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Favorite: Unfinished Wood Co.

I'm officially obsessed with this new store I found through GroopDealz called Unifinished Wood Co. I typically like to DIY my own wreaths for my front door, but if you're not into going through the whole process of making your own you can always go over to Unifinished Wood Co. and buy one of their super cute Baltic Birch Plywood door hangers and just paint it whatever color you want. In my post from Easter I showed their Bunny Monogrammed door hanger. I was short on time so I just painted it a Robin's Egg Blue and hung it up on my door. I think next year I'll add a cute bow or maybe even little flowers. 

I was browsing their site today to find some new ideas for my front door or even for other places in my home. Here are a few of my favorites...

This one would look so cute with some of the new fall decorations that you can find at Kirklands! I can't wait to decorate my front "porch" for Fall!!

This could be cute as a "guest book" idea at a wedding or just in your home to show your state pride. GO GEORGIA!
This would be perfect in a kitchen painted with chalkboard paint to write little messages on or to even write your menu on
This one would work great during the summer..especially since it seems like anchors are really popular lately

<3 Kelly Jean

Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Sunday Hike

Recently my fiancè and I had our engagement pictures taken at the Roswell Mill in Georgia. I believe most people know it for it's covered bridge. Both times I've gone there I have seen at least 3-4 groups of people with professional photographers taking pictures there. We were no different since we had a few taken on this very same bridge....

It was such a beautiful place so we were determined to go back and hike it. Today we finally got the chance. It was a wonderful day for hiking. Most of the trails are covered by trees so even on a warm day it still feels pretty nice. I think also being by the waterfalls created a nice breeze to make it quite enjoyable. Plus I have to say the views weren't too bad either.. If you're ever in the area I definitely recommend hiking the trails at the Roswell Mill.

<3 Kelly Jean