Thursday, October 10, 2013

DIY Earring Holder

Like many people I have become obsessed with Pinterest. This love affair has given me many ideas for crafts to help organize my home just a little bit better. My latest craft was to make an earring holder. I must admit that I also have a love affair with burlap, which you may notice soon once I do a few more blog posts.

Here are the materials I used to make mine:
  • Frame (you can use any frame you like)
  • A piece of burlap just larger than the frame
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fabric flowers

Step 1: I chose a two pane picture frame to hold more earrings, but that will still allow this to fit on my tiny bathroom counter. You want to start out by removing the picture, the glass, and the backing piece from the frame.

Step 2: I cut the burlap into small rectangles that were a little bit bigger than the size of the frame. I then chose flowers to match the colors in my bathroom. If you can see by the picture they have no stem attached.

Step 3: Place your pre-cut piece of burlap onto the picture frame and hot glue it all around the outer edges coating the whole frame. (Allow to dry)

I let one side dry while I started on the other.

Step 4: As soon as the burlap pieces were glued in and dried, I flipped the frame over to glue on the flowers. As soon as that dried I was done.

It was as easy as that! Now you have a beautiful and easy to use earring holder to store your earrings.

<3 Kelly Jean