Saturday, February 14, 2015

Body Beast Build Phase Workout Samples

These workouts are from Body Beast Build: Back and Biceps. In the top left I am doing a dumb-bell pullover. This one works your lats and you can definitely feel it. In the left middle I am doing a Reverse Fly. I have a love hate relationship with these. My muscles love them because it helps them build, but I hate them. On the bottom left I am doing a close grip pull-up. We have one pull-up bar in our workout room so I modify and use resistance bands. I am increasing the weights on my bands as I get stronger. I'm now using Red + Black which is 40-50 lbs. On the right top I am doing a Bicep Curl. These and Rows are a weight workout that comes easier for me. On the bottom right I am doing a one arm row. This is probably my favorite strength move because I can usually go pretty high compared to the rest of the moves. 

These workout moves are from Body Beast Build: Legs. On the top left I am doing a Regular Weighted Squat. This I tend to go pretty heavy with my weights because my legs are one of my stronger parts. On the left middle I am completing an Alternating Lunge. You switch with stepping forward into a lunge with either your right or left leg while holding two weights in your hands. On the bottom left I am doing a deadlift with dumbbells. If you have limited equipment and don't have a bar you can use dumbbells and get the same results. On the right top you can see me flexing. I wanted to show what my calves flexed looked like during the beginning in Build Phase so we have something to compare to later. On the bottom right I am showing calorie burn between my husband and I. During strength training he seems to burn at least double what I do.