Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Home Office

I have finally chosen a room in the house to use as my office/craft room. I haven't fully decided how to decorate the whole thing, but I'm slowly updating items to make it look the way I want. I think I want to go for a glitter/gold and pink theme for the room. I've only had the time and supplies so far to update my desk organizer and pen holder. I want to eventually get a white desk and a cute/comfy do a WHOLE lot more. 

I got my desk organizer at Target

Original Outside View
Original Inside View

At first it was pretty ordinary, but still cute with it's chevron zig-zags on the inside. I really wanted to do something to the outside though so it didn't just look like a cardboard box... So I gathered my supplies. I found a gold paint pen, gold glitter, and modge podge. I love modge podge. I always find so many uses for it.

My end product looked like this...

After Outside View
After Inside View

I was happy with the end look. I may end up changing it a little more, but for now it has it's own little flair.

Going with the glitter theme I decided to glitter-ize {we're going to say that's a real word....even though it's not} my pen holder. I painted the end with modge podge and dipped it in glitter. It helps to add a little glam to my desk.

<3 Kelly Jean