Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Copycat Smashburger Avocado Ranch Black Bean Burger

My fiancé is a huge meat eater and loves a burger every now and then. Recently we decided to try Smashburger's because I saw that they had a black bean burger I could eat. I love am obsessed with this veggie burger! The mix of the black bean burger with chipotle mayo, ranch, pepperjack cheese, and avocado slices to top it off is perfection. Due to this obsession I decided it was pertinent that I find out how to make it myself at home. I figured a great veggie burger is absolutely necessary with this upcoming holiday that will consist of family, friends, and outdoor BBQ's. Due to that I got to work researching. I found this recipe through Pinterest. I had to tweak it a little, but in the end I was very pleased. 

After assembling my ingredients I got to work prepping everything. I used my Food Network Chopper to crush the blue corn chips and dice the onion. It seems like with my contacts in I have even more issues with dicing onions than I do with my glasses on. Therefore, to make it easy on myself I'll use the chopper.

After mixing everything up and getting my hands really dirty I then formed the mix into 12 small patties. I made my patties pretty thin so that is why I ended up with so many. If you like your patties thicker you'll probably get about 8 out of this recipe.

I normally like my burgers best on the grill, but I decided to try it on my frying pan. My husband just got a new grill and he doesn't have anything I can use to cook my burgers on it without pieces falling through the slots. I was happily not disappointed. You want to cook them about 3-5 minutes per side on medium heat. I wanted to make them like the ones you get at Smashburgers so I "smashed" mine while they were cooking.

The smell was divine as they were cooking. My stomach kept growling so I was sneaking bites off my cooked patties as I cooked the rest. It was so good!

Now you can try them!

Enjoy! They are a great alternative for non-meat eaters or even for meat eaters. My fiancé loved them. I had to slow him down or he would've eaten 4 whole burgers in one sitting. I think the secret to these delicious patties is the blue corn tortilla chips and the chipotle mayo. If you make these you have got to buy Kraft Chipotle Mayo. I love love love this stuff!