Sunday, July 27, 2014

Farmer's Market Excursion

I have been dying to go to a Farmer's Market for the longest time. I googled it and found one in my area that was pretty close to my house, so I decided I had to make a trip to it over the weekend. I was very impressed with the goods at the farmers market. All the farmers and local growers were all very friendly at each of the booths. I didn't know what to expect so I was a little shocked by how packed it was. 

After my first ever experience at a farmers market I have a few words of wisdom for anyone new to this experience as well. First of all I recommend bringing some reusable bags. I didn't think to do this so at each booth I was given the crappy plastic bags that start to rip when they are filled full. I also recommend going with a friend. My fiancĂ© was busy helping his dad move a bed so I decided to just go alone since I was going so early on a Saturday. I regret this because I really didn't get to stay as long as I wanted because going alone I could only carry so much while still carrying my purse and my water bottle. Next time I'll wait till my fiancĂ©, one of my sisters, or a friend can come along to carry stuff as well. 

Here's everything I ended up being able to get and carry myself. I got 4 ears of corn, 3 cucumbers, 6 tomatoes, 2 GIANT sweet potatoes, sunflower whole grain bread, and Apricot/Cranberry Brioche. I was pretty excited that I was able to get all of this fresh food straight from the farmers for less than $20. Next time I go back I'll have to stop by the meat and fruit booths to hopefully find some fresh meat and juicy blackberries.

I can't believe how GIANT these sweet potatoes are. I can't wait to cook these up tomorrow night. 

<3 Kelly Jean