Tuesday, October 22, 2013

FIGO Restaurant Deserves Five Stars

Tonight for dinner my sister and I went to visit an amazing Italian Restaurant called FIGO at their Alpharetta location. At first when I walked in I was in shock! I had so much amazing food to choose from on their menu. My favorite part was that you can completely make your own pasta. Just pick a pasta and pick the sauce.

I went with the Spinach Penne with Primavera sauce that was garnished with just a dash of parmesan. It was a wonderful blend between the spinach penne, the fresh tomatoes, broccoli, green peas, fresh spinach and garlic with extra virgin olive oil, basil and white wine. It was (to point it out in one word) AMAZING! I was full already without having eaten half the plate of pasta. It probably didn't help that I indulged myself earlier in the meal with their delicious bread and olive oil. This was definitely the food for a carb fanatic vegetarian. (which I am)

For a lighter dinner I recommend the Insalata di Spinaci e Caprino. It's not only healthy for you, but it also works for anyone with a Gluten Free Allergy as well.

You should go check them out, FIGO.

<3 Kelly Jean