Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, New Planner

Happy New Years everybody! I hope everyone has had a safe and enjoyable holiday. My holidays this year have been pretty hectic, but still enjoyable. I feel like finally though my life is going to be back on track. Now it's time for new beginnings and a chance to do things better. I believe that 2014 will be my year. 

In 2014 I will be:

  1. House hunting and buying my dream home
  2. Exploring possible career options
  3. Continuing to workout to become the fit and healthy person I aspire to be
  4. Completing extreme amounts of DIY projects based off of my Pinterest inspirations
  5. Helping my best friend to get married
  6. Planning my wedding (buying my DRESS)
  7. and therefore also marrying the love of my life on September 13, 2014.
It's definitely going to be a busy year, but also probably my favorite year. I can't wait for all the wonderfully exciting things that 2014 holds for me. To help me keep track of everything this year I am currently on the hunt for a new planner. Here are my two favorite planners I've seen for 2014.....

I'm not sure which to choose. I love them both! Where are other shops to find cute planners?

<3 Kelly Jean