Monday, November 11, 2013

GoStak Portable Snack Holder

The perfect portable snack holder!

I typically have a small lunch around 10:30-11:00 during the week due to my work schedule. It never fails that 2 o'clock rolls around and I'm hungry again. I don't get home till usually 5:00pm or later so I have to have something to fulfill my needs. Well, thanks to my amazing fiancĂ© I now have a new way to way to bring along some nutritious snacks to curb my mid-day hunger pains. These Blender Bottle GoStak jars are amazing. They are extremely convenient and easy to use. The separate compartments twist apart to allow you to switch up your snacks. You can twist as many jars as you want together to allow you to bring all the necessities or just bring a few. I love them because they easily fit in my purse without me having to cart along a lunchbox also.

Apple Cinnamon Chobani with Granola and Flax Seed

The other morning my GoStak container came in handy when I was running late and didn't get to eat breakfast at home. I poured some of my granola in one jar and flax seed in the other. This allowed me to have a quick breakfast at my desk. I'm thinking about using them to bring along my own salad dressing for my lunch. I'm really picky about my dressings and I can't seem to find one I really like at Panera for my classic salad as part of the YouPickTwo.

You can pick some of these GoStaks up on Amazon, the Blender Bottle siteVitamin World, or even your local Walmart.

<3 Kelly Jean