Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hot Yoga Sweating Experience

I found an article recently on the 7 Pros and Cons of Hot Yoga that you should know
Here they are: 

  1. PRO: It detoxes your skin when you sweat to release impurities
  2. CON: It can cause dehydration since you are sweating so much
  3. PRO: The high temperatures and humidity allow you to be more flexible than you normally are
  4. CON: Dizziness is common due to the high temperatures
  5. PRO: The hot air opens up your airways and allows you to breathe easier
  6. CON: It's a full 90 minutes of the high heat intense yoga session
  7. PRO: You feel rejuvenated after

I had been interested in hot yoga for quite awhile. I love the typical yoga classes I find at my local LA Fitness, but was I ready for hot yoga? I was nervous about the extreme heat in the classrooms. I seem to be very sensitive to high temperatures so I was really worried about passing out. A friend of mine kept recommending the classes at her Yoga Studio (Ember Yoga), so I weighed the pros & cons and decided to give it a try.

I started out simple with a Hot Vinyasa class that was heated to 95 degrees with 40% humidity. I was sweating as soon as I laid out my mat and sat down. It was pretty hot! I have to say though that I really didn't get to a point in the class where I felt dizzy. Everything went great. I actually feel like I did a better job in this hot yoga than I normally do in my regular yoga classes at LA Fitness. I will admit though that I struggled a little when I tried the Hot Sequence class that's heated to 105 degrees with 40% humidity. That 10 degree difference in temperature really had an effect on me.

My favorite part of the class overall though was the last 5 minutes of cool down when they come around with a cool wash cloth scented with lavender. That was heavenly! After that experience I now want to go out and purchase lavender essential oils to give my apartment that "spa-like smell". I also enjoyed their little boutique where you can shop around for yoga essentials.

Here are my recommendations for anyone trying out hot yoga for the first time:

  • Hydrate yourself before going to the class, hydrate during the class, and hydrate afterwards....Just HYDRATE!

  • Bring a very large towel if you don't already have a mat towel.

  • Wear as little clothes as you feel comfortable in. Whatever clothing you do wear make sure it's moisture wicking. Fabletics and Lululemon have some great yoga clothes.
  • Take your time. If you are not ready for a pose, don't force it.
  • Take breaks if you feel dizzy. You can always move back into child's pose if you need a moment to take a breath.
If you get the chance I'd highly recommend trying a hot yoga. Ember Yoga is definitely worth it if you are in the area.

<3 Kelly Jean