Friday, October 24, 2014

DIY Halloween Wreath

Happy Almost Halloween everybody! I found that cute little metal pumpkin basket at my local Marshall's. I think it would be super cute to hold candy, but you might need big pieces of candy so that it doesn't fall through the holes. I love decorating for the holidays. This is my first year as a homeowner so I have to basically start from scratch. For now I'm doing my best to DIY what I can to also not go bankrupt decorating my house. My first DIY of course was to create a Halloween wreath for my front door. As you can probably tell I'm sort of obsessed with having wreaths for every season/holiday. This year I found the perfect time to get the supplies for my wreath while Michael's was having a sale for 40% off your entire purchase, including sale items. That allowed me to get all my supplies for under $20!!! That's a great deal, especially since many wreaths are close to $100 on Etsy!

I used: 
Celebrate It Glitter Tulle 8 yards x 3 
1 bag of Glitter Colored Balls and Purple Glitter Spiders

I started by weaving the glitter tulle through the many rims of the wire frame. I weaved and weaved and weaved. I made sure to pull a thick enough bunch through each row many times to make it look fluffy. I would also periodically stop to fluff the poofs. As you can tell from the picture probably using glitter tulle is pretty messy. By the end my feet, my pants, my table, and my floor were all covered in black glitter. It took many days of vacuuming to clean up after this DIY project.

After I was finished weaving I then used my hot glue gun to glue on the different colored balls and purple spiders. My husband said I can make the inside of the house as cutsey and homey as I want, but the outside has to be creepy. I did my best to make my wreath "creepy".  While gluing on the spiders I allowed the little string that comes off the glue when using the hot glue gun to spread across the wreath at parts. I figured that would make it a little more "realistic" so that it would look like it had parts of a web. I went for mostly a spider theme this year for our outside. I will also be buying some of the fake "webs" they have at Target to put on my bushes out front.

Here's my end product...

I did however splurge and buy this amazing cat...

I love this thing! The head turns periodically so sometimes when it's just right it'll turn as your driving around the curve to get to my house. It's creepy and awesome! I have multiple families that have come to our house to check out the kitty cat with their kids. I actually got the chance to meet one of my neighbors because of the conversation piece this cat is.

<3 Kelly Jean