Saturday, October 18, 2014

Life Updates

Lately I have been very busy. A little over a month ago I married the man of my dreams. I am officially now a wife to someone. That word still surprises me each time I say it or hear it. The wedding went perfectly. It was very nerve wracking the day of when I woke up to 80% chance of rain all day. Somehow though the weather turned out perfect and there wasn't even a sprinkle during my outdoor ceremony. I felt truly blessed and everything was so beautiful. I had the greatest vendors and such a beautiful site. If you live in Georgia or plan to get married in Georgia and you want a southern wedding with definite class then I recommend you choose Chene Rouge

I haven't gotten my offical wedding pictures back, but I was sent the above by a great family friend. I can't wait to see my actual wedding pictures done by Jesse Garrett Photography

Now that we're back from the wedding my husband and I have also decided to make some changes in our lives by starting P90X3 and becoming healthier people.  My husband completed the original P90X after graduating High School and lost 40lbs. I've tried doing the original P90X with him, but I can never stick to it. The original one is less realistic for the modern working person. However, with P90X3 you just have 30 minute workout videos to do rather than 1+ hour long videos done with the regular P90X. The videos are great and with such an amazing workout partner to do them with (aka my handsome husband) we were doing great. However, for me the process has been paused sadly. During Week 2 Day 2 while doing Agility X I sprained my ankle. I am FULLY to blame. With every video Tony Horton stresses the importance of the right shoes. He says that running shoes are not what you want, because it's not what you are doing. However, I chose to ignore that and start P90X3 with my running shoes until my cross training shoes arrived. Then during Agility X while doing grapevine runs around the tape lines I tripped and landed sideways on my ankle. Now it's swollen and causing a lot of pain/discomfort. It has been 4 days and the swelling has gone down, but it still looks bruised. Depending on how it looks tomorrow I may try walking on it. Based on my experience all I recommend for anyone contemplating doing P90X3 is that you get the RIGHT shoes. Order yourself some cross training shoes!!!!!

Here's the ones I got. They are ASICS Women's Rhythmic 2 Cross Training Shoe. I can't wait to test them out once I'm back in perfect working order and back to doing P90X3 with my husband.

<3 Kelly Jean