Sunday, January 11, 2015

How to Cold Brew Coffee

Like many others out there I am a coffee addict. I feel like I drink coffee every single day, sometimes even twice a day. I like hot coffee, cold coffee, espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos. My only problems with coffee drinks are sometimes how unhealthy they can be and also how acidic they are. There are many times I end up getting heartburn due to drinking coffee, yet I still continue to drink it. It really doesn't make sense when you think about it. 

Well, I recently received a Toddy T2N Cold Brew System for Christmas from my Sister-in-Law. The Toddy system is used to cold-brew your coffee. Cold-brewing ground coffee beans produces a coffee that is naturally low in acid, approximately 67% less acidic than coffee brewed by conventional hot-brew methods. Well, you may say hey I don't like iced coffee. That's totally okay. Cold-brewed coffee can be made one cup at a time, at the strength you prefer, and the temperature you prefer. You simply add steaming hot or iced water or milk to determine the temperature. You can also microwave it without ruining the taste. Now that I have my Toddy I wanted to test it out.

I made a Caramel Iced Coffee. It was super delicious. It wasn't watered down tasting like the iced coffee I normally have from brewing with my Keurig. Here's how to brew your own...

For the best flavor you want to use freshly ground coffee beans and filtered water. I currently don't have a Coffee Grinder so I bought previously ground beans. First, insert the stopper into the outside bottom of the brewing container. Then you want to dampen the included filter and insert it into the bottom of the brewing container. Next, add 1 cup of filtered water into the bottom of the Toddy brewing container and 6 ounces of ground coffee. 

Slowly pour 3 more cups of filtered water over the grounds, in a circular motion. Then, add the remaining 6 ounces of ground coffee.

Now you want to wait 5 minutes before slowly adding the last 3 cups of filtered water. At this point DO NOT STIR! If you stir the grounds it can result in a clogged filter.

Once all the water has been added you want to lightly press down on the topmost grounds with the back of a spoon to ensure all grounds get wet.

Then, steep your coffee grounds for 12-18 hours to create a smooth, rich flavor. My house smelled amazing while the coffee was steeping. Everyone kept asking if I had recently brewed coffee in the coffee pot, but it was just the grounds soaking in my Toddy. 

After 12-18 hours you want to remove the stopper and let your coffee concentrate flow into the glass decanter. 

Once the concentrate has fully drained into the Glass Decanter place your cold brewed coffee into the fridge to cool. It will stay fresh for up to 2 weeks in your refrigerator.

I mixed my cold brewed coffee with Silk Almond Milk Light and 2 pumps of Caramel Syrup to make a Caramel Iced Coffee. After my first attempt at using my Toddy I am highly impressed and would definitely recommend buying one if you like iced coffee.

If you don't want to spend the money on a Toddy system right now you can also try out this method of cold brewing your coffee from All Sorts of Pretty