Saturday, January 3, 2015

Mocha Chiller Shakeology

I recently got a Toddy for Christmas from my Sister-In Law. It is the best way out there to cold-brew your coffee. It's amazing because it is designed to brew coffee with 67% less acid than coffee made with hot brew methods. I was excited for the Toddy because now I could use it to cold brew coffee for Iced Coffees in Summer or for my breakfast Shake-O drinks. There are just some mornings where all I want is to guzzle coffee all day in hopes that I can feel less exhausted at work all day. That is why I decided to try out a Mocha Chiller Shake. It's the perfect dose of coffee and the healthiest meal of the day....aka the best way to start out my morning. 

Shakeology is an amazing way to make sure you are eating at least one healthy meal of the day. I love my Shakeology. It's even more amazing that it ends up being about $4 a day for breakfast. That's cheaper than a Grande Starbucks drink. Contact me if you're interested in trying out Shakeology


Here is a comparison of Shakeology versus other popular protein shakes. My only question is are they really as good for you as Shakeology? Do they give you 70 healthy ingredients in one glass? Do the other cheaper shakes have prebiotics, digestive enzymes, protein and amino acids, 23 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients?

Are you interested in trying Shakeology or getting more information?
Here are some ways you can go about doing that... 
  1. Message or email me at
  2. Check out my Shakeology site: (this is where it can be purchased as well)
  3. Order either a 30 day supply bag (1 flavor of your choice), or a box of 24 individual packets in a variety of flavors. By choosing Home Direct (HD) option, you will not only receive discounted shipping, but it will automatically arrive at your doorstep each month! 

Are you looking for a discount on your purchase of Shakeology? Think about becoming a coach! Then you can help others with their health and fitness journeys as well.